Marathon Monday – Olympic Event

Are you ready to watch the marathon events this weekend? Here is the information you need to know about the Olympic Marathons:

The basics

The Olympic Marathon events start and finish in The Mall. There is a men’s event and a women’s event.

Athletes complete a first loop of 2.2 miles, which takes them to the River Thames, south to the Houses of Parliament, and back up to The Mall past Buckingham Palace. After this they run back to the river, and this time head east, towards the City of London and beyond to the Tower of London, in an eight-mile loop that is repeated three times before crossing the finishing line.

Competition format

The Marathon is a straight final – the first athlete to cross the finish line is the winner.

Keys to success

Marathon running takes incredible reserves of mental as well as physical strength. The pace will be punishing and only a very few will be able to maintain it and save a final push for the finish.

Any number of factors can affect an athlete’s performance in the Marathon, from the conditions on the day that will suit some but not others, to the quality of preparation in the previous days, weeks and months. An athlete’s body and mind must be working in perfect harmony if he/she is to put in a good performance.

View the Olympic Marathon route map

Find out more about Men’s Marathon and Women’s Marathon competitions at the Olympic Games on the International Olympic Committee website.


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LOCK LACES™ and AIFA 4 Kids Program

Eric Jackson, inventor of LOCK LACES™ helps Andre, a youth Harrisburg, PA AIFA 4Kids Program participant, lace up for the big game. The Harrisburg Stampede and the American Indoor Football Association sponsor pre-game clinics for more than 150 kids before each home game.

On LOCK LACES™ Day, May 22, 2010, all participants and team members had their old laces removed and were up-fitted with LOCK LACES™ as part of LOCK LACES™ being the “Official Lacing System of the American Indoor Football Association.”

“My son’s cleats are easier to put on and take off now that I don’t have to tie and untie double knots anymore. They always stay in place and don’t ever come undone during his games. For me, they make my shoes fit tight to my feet the way I like them but they feel more comfortable and not constrained. I don’t even like wearing regular shoelaces anymore.”
– Julie B / York, Pennsylvania

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Feature Friday – The OLYMPICS!

Hello everyone!

What’s on your agenda for this evening? It better be the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony!

The stadium will be packed and the energy will be amazing from all of the participants representing their countries. There is just something about watching each country’s teams walk into the stadium and see how proud they are to be representatives and compete in some great events.

Rumors are spreading that you may catch a glimpse of Voldemort and Mary Poppins, but you never know what will happen at this spectacular event. There is one thing we know for sure and that is the beautiful Queen will be in attendance and I am sure she will be dressed for the event!

If you are on the East Coast, coverage starts at 7:30pm and will last for several hours. Check your local listings for start time and channel for your location.

Let us know your favorite part of the opening ceremony and if you will be watching tonight!

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Flo Rida – “Good Feeling”

If this song doesn’t get you moving… then let us know what song you prefer when you are training for a race or just running for fun!

Video credit: YouTube user – officialflo

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Wednesday Adventure – Time for a recipe!

If you like to try new recipes as well as staying fit, please check out this blog: Iowa Girl Eats! It is full of tasty treats and some health and fitness tips. Here is my favorite recipe that I stumbled across when I found the blog:


1 frozen sliced banana

1 Tablespoon peanut butter

1/2 cup 0% Vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt

1 cup of milk (any type you prefer)

About 4 cups baby spinach

Just combine everything in a blender, blend it together and then hit the liquify button! The bright green color may make you cringe, but I promise it just tastes like banana and peanut butter. It’s just fabulously delicious!

Click here for the full post on Kristin’s blog.

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