Welcome to the Win. Never tie.™ blog, a great place for readers to learn about LOCK LACES™ and get information on various health, wellness, and athletic spirited topics. We’ll share our journeys, trials, and tribulations on running, sports, giving back to the community, and inspiration for the athlete in all of us each day Sunday through Friday.

  • History Sundays – Fun information about the LOCK LACES™ Brand.
  • Marathon Mondays –  Event highlights, scenic routes, awareness, fundraising, and causes benefiting from the sport of running.
  • Triathlon Tuesdays – Sharing stories and training tips from beginner to advance and even real feedback from elite athletes worldwide.
  • Women’s Wednesdays – All about women, from inspiring stories, to how to join a running club, to how to get moving and change your pace from walk to run.
  • Throwback Thursdays – Get your running groove on with our running song of the week to get you motivated for your next run.
  • Fan Fridays – Featuring world records, fun facts, and special offers for friends, family, and fans.

We welcome your comments, thoughts, and ideas.

If you’d like to be a contributor, please send an email to: blog@locklaces.com.

We look forward to the many great blogging days ahead of us.


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