Improve Athletic Performance & Promote Safety

In 2010, a social worker, teamed up with Eric Jackson, the inventor of LOCK LACES™, to spread the word about the safety and benefits of this amazing product.

Louisa Eyler, a social worker and mother of a child with autism, collaborated with LOCK LACES™ to organize a massive donation to the Special Olympics 2010 National Games and to participate in the Maryland State Games.

“As a social worker, parent, and runner—LOCK LACES™ are a phenomenal product that pays it forward in so many ways. For runners LOCK LACES™ keep laces tied and shoes comfortable; for parents LOCK LACES™ save children from falls and tripping over unruly laces; and, for individuals with special needs LOCK LACES™ promote independence and self-determination. For the workers at OBI and ODC, LOCK LACES™ provide therapeutic employment in a healthy environment. With the current emphasis on social responsibility, LOCK LACES™ is the do good brand of this generation.”
—Louisa Eyler, MSW, LSW, CCM

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