Wednesday Adventure – Let’s add cardio to the mix!

Hello everyone!

The goal from my first post (see here) was to run just 10 minutes every day. Although I didn’t run every day, I was able to run 10 minutes for four days. I think it’s a great start and I know I can run even more this week. Let’s see if I can at least get 5 days!

I am also going to add a little cardio in the morning to WAKE ME UP! I have been hitting the snooze button far too many times and find myself rushing around and just being all out of whack at work. So my second goal for this week is to complete 30 minutes of cardio before work. Here is the workout:

Let’s review…

Goal 1: run 10 minutes – 5 days

Goal 2: 30 minutes of cardio – before work

I am hoping for the best and I am already excited for next week’s post! I am trying a few healthy recipes and I will be sure to share them with you. Here’s a hint… GREEN SHAKE!

Have a great day!

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