History with Opportunity Builders Inc

For more than 10 years LOCK LACES™ Opportunity Builders, Inc. (www.obiworks.org), a non-profit employer that provides diverse employment opportunities that enhance skills, self-worth, and socialization for adults with developmental disabilities, was home to LOCK LACES™. LOCK LACES™ packaging was color coded to assist workers from Opportunity Builders Inc. with correct insertion–blue lace, blue lock, blue bell, and blue insert. LOCK LACES™ provided education and training opportunities for those employed by OBI.  At least a hundred dedicated special needs individuals prepared LOCK LACES™. OBI employs more than 450 individuals with developmental disabilities.

LOCK LACES™ is expanding distribution and is now partnering with Occupational Development Center (www.odcenter.org)  to support and supplement manufacturing efforts with additional USA packaging and assembly.

“I heard about LOCK LACES™ from a friend who regularly competes in triathlons. I decided to buy them for my son who has Cerebral Palsy. Because of his condition, he has very little strength and control in his left hand. The LOCK LACES ™have been a godsend. I have encouraged other parents of children with similar disabilities to try LOCK LACES™ as well. I know your product is aimed at people who run and compete in sports, but for disabled children they are wonderful.”
– Nicki B / New York City, New York

LOCK LACES ™ (www.locklaces.com) is a patented elastic shoelace and fastening system, initially designed for runners and triathletes; however, in recent years the product has been creating a buzz in the special needs population, proving to be useful, safe, and a good fit for this community.The best safety feature of LOCK LACES™ is that once installed in the shoe, the lace never needs tied again. LOCK LACES™ is an Official National Sponsor of the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Fit Feet Program.

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