Wednesday Adventures with Debbie!

Hello readers!

My name is Debbie and I am a new member to the LOCK LACES™ family. Every Wednesday I will be taking over this blog and sharing my running and healthy living adventures. I will talk about challenges, achievements, goals, ideas and anything else that may be on my mind. So let’s get started with some information about me!

I graduated from Susquehanna University in May 2011 and I currently work as the Marketing Coordinator at MoneyLine Lending. I am also a graduate student at Full Sail University and I am an intern for Bad Rhino, Inc. I am very proud of my accomplishments and hard work so far and I have now decided to do a few things for fun. Running is first on my list!

I decided to add running to my daily routine because I want to stay active and healthy during my hectic lifestyle. Taking time out of my day to go for a run will allow me to break away for a moment and re-energize my body for whatever is up next on my to-do list. Here is my first running adventure that happened this past weekend:

On Sunday, July 8, I participated in The Color Run (Philadelphia) with over 23,000 other people! It was insane, so much fun, and a great way to start this new adventure in my life. Here are a few photos from the event:

I loved every minute of the 5K event and I will never think of running as a boring activity!

So now it’s goal time….

Instead of saying I will run X amount of miles this week, I am going to set a time goal. From now until next Wednesday, I want to run for just 10 minutes a day. Yup, that’s it, just 10 minutes. It seems like an achievable goal and I won’t burn out too soon. I look forward to sharing my weekly running experiences with you all and I hope I can kick start the running bug in a few of you too!

Happy Wednesday!

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