The Invention of LOCK LACES™

For more than fifteen years LOCK LACES™ have been trusted and used by over a million runners, tri-athletes and sport enthusiasts worldwide. LOCK LACES™ began as a single idea spawned by frustration over shoelaces not staying tied and coming undone.

The inventor of LOCK LACES™, a young entrepreneur, was fed up with shoe tying, so he went to his mother’s sewing kit, found a piece of elastic and laced up his sneakers only to find that still the elastic came untied. However, he noticed that using the elastic laces, the shoe had a better feel and the laces fit well.  He just had to figure out a way to keep the laces secured. While he was searching for what to do with his laces next, he noticed that winter jacket had a toggle that kept the drawstring for the hood in place…hmmm…had he found what he had been looking for? Indeed! This toggle would do the job–It just needed a slightly different design.

After researching toggles and learning that cord stopper was correct name, the inventor designed a proto-type and started wearing his laces. Soon after, the inventor showed them to a friend who said, “hey these laces are awesome, you should get a patent!”  And that’s just what he did!

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