Improve Athletic Performance & Promote Safety

In 2010, a social worker, teamed up with Eric Jackson, the inventor of LOCK LACES™, to spread the word about the safety and benefits of this amazing product.

Louisa Eyler, a social worker and mother of a child with autism, collaborated with LOCK LACES™ to organize a massive donation to the Special Olympics 2010 National Games and to participate in the Maryland State Games.

“As a social worker, parent, and runner—LOCK LACES™ are a phenomenal product that pays it forward in so many ways. For runners LOCK LACES™ keep laces tied and shoes comfortable; for parents LOCK LACES™ save children from falls and tripping over unruly laces; and, for individuals with special needs LOCK LACES™ promote independence and self-determination. For the workers at OBI and ODC, LOCK LACES™ provide therapeutic employment in a healthy environment. With the current emphasis on social responsibility, LOCK LACES™ is the do good brand of this generation.”
—Louisa Eyler, MSW, LSW, CCM

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Who is the fastest woman on earth?

Jamaican sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown is seeking to make history by aiming
to win a third consecutive 200 meters gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics.Image

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John Williams – “Olympic Fanfare and Theme”

Continuing on with the Olympic theme this week…

Why not start your run to the Olympic theme song? It will instantly boost your mood and allow you to feel as if you are a part of the games even if you are many miles away from London this year.

Video source: YouTube user – RevBillyRaeCollins

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Wednesday Adventure – Olympic Motivation

I have been obsessed with the Fab 5 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team and this is my new motivation to reach for my goals and to not sit around wishing I would be good at something. It all starts with baby steps and maybe this video will spark a little inspiration in you to get out at reach for the top!

Video source: YouTube user – SportsAnthems

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Triathlon Tuesday – Beginners!

Check out this awesome site if you are a first time triathlon participant and are looking for tips, features, forums, and other great information to keep you motivated:

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